ALPMC & Property Management FAQs

It is the overseeing of residential and / or commercial real estate with the goal of ensuring seamless day-to-day operations, integrity of its records,  preserving the value of the property. Companies who manage a village are typically called the “Managing Agent”

ALPMC is a property management company that is engaged in the management of residential subdivisions. ALPMC currently manages three villages within Bataan: Central Atrium Residences in Balanga City, Trivea Residences in Limay, and Altierra Residences in Abucay.

ALPMC is a key component in the delivery of the quality and experiences offered by Asiawide Land and its subsidiaries.

ALPMC’s primary offering is the management of residential villages by acting as the managing agent of its homeowners’ association. 


  ✓ Day-to-day operations and implementation / enforcement of village house rules
  ✓ General coordination of allied agencies such as security, janitorial, landscaping and contractors
  ✓ Coordination with the local government units and regulatory bodies, including permitting for the HOA

  ✓ Accounting and bookkeeping of village financials
  ✓ Billing and collection
  ✓ Events venue rental management
  ✓ Operation, maintenance and management of common area facilities
  ✓ Preparation of cost estimates for repairs and annual operational expenditure budgets
  ✓ Management of Events & Leasing

Monthly Dues FAQs

Monthly association dues are dues collected by the association from its members on a monthly basis. The funds are then used to defray the cost of necessary operational expenses.

Both home and lot owners who are members of the association are required to pay the amount determined by the association.

Billing for the monthly dues start once the property has been fully-paid. Some villages might allow for a 30-day allowance for the new owner to attend a short orientation with the property management office before billing starts. Refer to your deed of restrictions for more information.

The monthly dues rates can be computed by dividing the average or highest monthly operational expense by the total salable area of the village.

To learn more, please see this HLURB resolution: click here.

Monthly dues can be settled through the Property Officer or Billing Officer on duty at the property management office.

Acceptable payment methods are as follows:

– Cash
– Cheque
– Direct Deposit to the bank account.

Please contact us for more information.

Association FAQs *

* Note: answers contained herein are all based on the Implementing Rules & Regulation of Republic Act 9904 otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Homeowners & Homeowners Associations and other HLURB resolutions. You can learn more at

Village-specific rules may be found within the Deed of Restrictions, Village Rules & Regulations and its respective by-laws. You may obtain a copy of these documents through your village’s property management office.

A nonstock, nonprofit association registered with the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), or one previously registered with the Home  Insurance Guarantee Corporation (now Home Guaranty Corporation) or the  Securities and Exchange  Commission (SEC), organized by either:

a.) Owners or purchasers of a lot in a subdivision/village or other residential real property located within the jurisdiction of the association;
b.) Awardees, usufructuaries, legal occupants and/or lessees of a housing unit and/or lot in a government socialized or economic housing or relocation project and other urban estates;
c.) Underprivileged and homeless citizens as defined under existing laws in the process of being accredited as usufructuaries or awardees of ownership rights under the Community Mortgage Program (CMP), Land Tenure Assistance Program (LTAP) and other similar programs in relation to a socialized housing project actually being implemented by the national government or the LGU.

A homeowner or lot owner who is a member of the association where the housing unit or lot is situated and those defined in the articles of association and by-laws of the association

Unless otherwise provided in the Contract to Sell, Deed of Sale, or other instruments of conveyance, or annotated in the title of the property, membership in the association is optional.

As determined by its by-laws, an association shall determine a date for its regular Homeowners’ Association Meetings. For villages under the management of ALPMC, the dates are as such:

Trivea Residences – every last Monday of every other month. 6PM – 8PM
Central Atrium Residences – every second Friday of every other month. 6PM – 8PM
Altierra Residences – TBD on the next Annual General Membership Assembly

Schedules are posted one month in advance on our calendar of activities.

A member in good standing is an association member who fully complies with the obligations and the rules and regulations of the village.

This includes the payment of monthly dues, and having no disciplinary action levied onto him / her by the association due to non-compliance with the village rules & regulations.

Good standing members can enjoy all the basic services provided by the association, including the right to vote on association matters.

Failure to comply with the village rules and obligations for association members will result in the membership of the individual in question being deemed delinquent.

Delinquent members who fail to settle their obligations for an extended period may have their membership revoked by the association. This makes them a beneficial user instead.

For delinquent members who have past dues on his / her monthly association dues, he / she can proceed to the property management office to settle all outstanding dues immediately.

For cases where the member has violated a rule, the violating member must coordinate with the management for the resolution of the matter.

For Homeowners & Agents

Note: For check issuance, please refer to your HOA-specific account names or contact your village’s Property Management Officer

Disclaimer: For detailed steps on computing monthly association dues, click here. (Link to HLURB)

Monthly association dues are computed from a village’s monthly expense to operate. The amount is then divided by the total saleable area of the village to get the base rate.

For the example below, assuming that the total saleable area is 5,000 sq.m.:

Php 39,122 / 5,000 = Php 7.82 per square meter.