Announcement: Events Venue Promo for Bienvenida

* Clients who book events for the months of July – October 2019 are eligible for the following discount:

Clubhouse: Php 3,000 discount
Pool & Garden: Php 1,500 discount
Clubhouse + Pool & Garden: Php 4,500 discount

* Events that were already booked for the above-mentioned months (who either paid the down payment or settled the full contract price, pencil bookings are not included) are to receive an appropriate discount voucher to their booking, redeemable for their next event in Bienvenida, valid for one year. The voucher is transferrable once through a written letter submitted to the Altierra Property Management Office. 

* Good-standing members of ALT-HOA can also avail of the discount on top of the member discount conferred by their membership in the association.

* Corkage fees are also waived for non-accredited suppliers for the duration of the program. After three successful events from the supplier, ALPMC may confer accreditation status to the supplier pending the submission of its business documents and supplier orientation with the Property Manager.