Booking a Site Tripping Using ALPMC PMS

Booking a Site Tripping Request Using ALPMC PMS

Sales agents may book their trippings ahead of time for convenience. Please follow these steps:

 1. Access the Property Management System through

 2. Tap Site Visit Pass Request

 3. Fill-out the details

 4. Tap Submit Application

 5. Once approved, you will receive a text message confirming your site tripping request.

 6. You may scan the provided QR code for the pass to the kiosk at the guardhouse to verify your site tripping.

Site Visit Pass Status:

 1. Pending – Site Visit Pass has been submitted to the Property Management Office and is awaiting action from the officer.

 2. Approved – Site Visit Pass has been approved and may now be used at the kiosk.

 3. Rejected – the Site Visit Pass has been rejected, please contact the Property Management Office.

 4. Accepted – Site Visit Pass has been approved and has been used to enter the village. May not be used for another site tripping.

 5. Expired – Site Visit Pass is from an earlier date and cannot be used anymore.

Tap Fig. 1, Site Visit Request
Fig. 2, Submit Application
Fig. 3, Site Visit Pass SMS Confirmation