Booking Amenities through ALPMC Property Management System

Booking Amenities through the Property Management System

Follow these steps to log-in to book an amenity through the Property Management System:

Before starting: Log-in to the system using your username and password

Step 1: From the Client Dashboard, click on New

Step 2: Click Amenities Reservation

Step 3: Under Facilities / Amenities Reservation, click on the date that you wish to book.

Step 4: Pick the your village

Step 5: Select the amenity that you wish to book

Step 6: Select the time that you wish to book for

Step 7: Indicate the number of non-member / guests. Note that fees may apply depending on HOA rules

Step 8: Indicate the number of members who will use the amenity

Step 9: Review any amounts to be paid and click on Submit reservation.

Step 10: You may choose to either Pay Online or Offline Payment to confirm your reservation. Complete the billing details to pay online.

Availability of online payment shall be dependent on HOA implementation. Offline payments may be completed by visiting the Property Management Office.

For Offline Payments, you may take a screenshot of your reservation request and show it to the PMO.

Once submitted, your request shall be reviewed by the Property Management Office for confirmation. Booking priority and rates shall always follow the village’s house rules.

Applies to: All user types